ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Tecnoextr Srl has decided to certify according to the ISO 14001 standard, which is an international standard for environmental management systems (EMS), providing a framework for the effective management of an organization’s environmental responsibilities, in order to reduce impact and improve sustainability.

The standard requires:

Environmental Policy: Establish an environmental policy appropriate to its environmental impacts and in accordance with relevant laws.

Planning: Identify environmental aspects and impacts, legal requirements, objectives, and programs to improve its EMS.

Implementation: Structure the resources, roles, responsibilities, and processes necessary to achieve the established objectives.

Control and Monitoring: Establish procedures to regularly monitor and measure operations that can have a significant impact on the environment.

Review and Continuous Improvement: Commit to periodic reviews and continue to seek opportunities to improve its EMS.

Adopting and certifying ISO 14001 demonstrates Tecnoextr Srl’s commitment to environmental responsibility and long-term sustainability.

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